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Have you thought about your health insurance?

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You are moving soon to another country… But have you thought about your health insurance? 

Expatriation is always a very exciting journey, no matter the motives: life-changing experience, professional transfer, gap year… however, it can also be quite stressful if you are not fully prepared. One thing to determine before your departure is health insurance. Choosing the right health insurance according to your needs is essential to be safe during the whole stay.

In this article, we give you the key reasons why the expat health insurance is the best option for your lifestyle. 

Flexibility and adapted to your needs

One always has different medical needs than another, and this is even more important and true when in the context of an expatriation. In a foreign country, unexpected medical expenses or regular medication can be an important source of stress. With an expat health insurance, you can choose from the beginning the level of coverage that suits you best.

If you are healthy but want to be covered for emergency and unforeseen injuries, you can opt for a basic coverage with personalized option. Whereas if you already have medical conditions that should regularly be followed by a practitioner, you can choose a more comprehensive plan that will reimburse you for more expensive expenses.

Worldwide coverage

Having a worldwide health cover is a must for digital nomads or backpackers that travel a lot, in different countries and continents. From region to region, you will not have to worry about your health. Wherever you are outside of your home country, you and your family are protected and reimbursed for all health issues, in contrary of a travel insurance that only cover minor issues. You are also fully covered when visiting to your home country.

Medical assistance and services

By subscribing to a private international insurance, you benefit from a medical assistance available at any time, to help you in case of urgent situations. If English is the language available by default, call centre staffs can usually speak different languages so they can help you as much as they can. Experts can also help you find the nearest hospital or specialist if needed.

Along with medical assistance, you can access to plenty of other useful medical services. In the context of Covid-19 when it is difficult to find an appointment to the doctor, more and more health insurance companies offer the access of teleconsultation and telemedicine.

For all these reasons, applying to an expat health insurance means making the choice of security and full protection.

Foyer Global Health is an international health insurance specialized in expatriation. It covers expats all around the world and offers many advantages, such as:

Worldwide coverage without any annual limit

Repatriation, evacuation and transportation

Medical services for expatriates (teleconsultation, second medical opinion), accessible for your whole family

Multilingual medical assistance around the clock

Covid-19 coverage for all expenses related to tests, treatments and vaccines

Competitive pricing

You can apply from your home country or from your expatriation country and be covered immediately at the first euro. Experts from Foyer Global Health will advise you and help you find the right level of health coverage depending on your needs.

You can read about the scope of benefits and get a free quote on Foyer Global Health’s website.

Guest post by Foyer Global Health 

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