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how to decide which country to live in

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Perhaps you’re looking to retire abroad? Are you finding it hard to decide which is the best country for you?

There’s a lot to think about, and it can be overwhelming. It’s important to make the right decision as this is a life changing move.

So in terms of how to figure out what country to move to, let me give you 5 of the most important factors to consider.


retire abroad

When choosing a country to move to, consider the kind of climate that is most suitable for you.

Some people want warm, dry, spring like weather all year round, with little humidity. Others don’t mind humidity at all and can adjust to it quite well.

There are people who love the cold, wind and rain, and there are those who prefer four distinct seasons.

Whatever else a country has going for it, the climate will make a big difference to how you feel day to day.

English Proficiency / Are You Willing To Learn Another Language?

retire abroad
retire abroad

When you imagine yourself living in your new country, do you see yourself spending a lot of time speaking another language? Or is it important to you that a certain percentage of the population speaks english?

Even if they do, you’ll certainly have to learn at least a bit of the local language. Do you have the time, willingness and patience to become proficient enough in another language to get by? Will you start learning before you move, or will you learn as you go?

This is another factor that you need to have clear in your mind when deciding which country to live in.

Cultural Values / Religion

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Becoming an expat is a major life changing decision. The local culture will be intriguing at first, but over time it will become your day to day life.

You may find that you don’t really fit in with a culture even though you like it. There may be laws, customs or even unspoken rules that go against your personality or beliefs.

Would you prefer to live in a country that has a similar or compatible culture to what you’re used to? And if a country is very different, could you adapt?

You need to make sure that you and your new country are a good match culturally if you’re going to spend the rest of your life there.


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There are countries that are well known for their cuisine, and countries that have good food but are not known for it. You might be surprised at the variety of a country’s cuisine compared to the general perception.

And then there are countries whose food is generally not very appealing to foreign tastes.

Depending on what’s on offer, you may want to eat like the locals, or you might prefer to eat only at certain places and cook food that you’re used to.

This is something to consider when asking yourself, what country should I move to.

Good Infrastructure And Services

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Some countries are very well run and efficient, and other countries are a bit rough around the edges.

Some of the most best countries to live in, at least in terms of fun and excitement, can be somewhat lacking in the kinds of things that are taken for granted in western countries.

Is this a compromise you’re willing to make? Or is high quality and efficient infrastructure and services essential to you?

Those are just some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a new country to move to.

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