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Here are some expat related companies that may be useful and of interest. 

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International removals. 


International Relocation Portal : Move, Work, Live Abroad Information for Expatriates, Expat Guides

Our agency specialized in online marketing to expatriates was created with a single focus on helping our clients get better insight into different, specific expat markets.

Our goal is to support cost-effective activity to reach specific audiences and generate new customers.

We combine a data-driven approach – based on measurement and analytics – with creativity in problem-solving and communication.

Collectively, the team has over a decade of experience in building successful marketing campaigns for targeting expatriates.

Offers global insurance plans to individual expatriates and their employers.

Obtain quotes for international health insurance, expat life and disability,  special risk and travel medical insurance plans.


Supporting expats for more than 30 years. 


Helping expats make smarter choices.

We’ll connect you with advice you can trust, helping you make the best choices when it comes to your finances and your future. 


Halo Financial can assist you with your foreign exchange money transfers to your new country.

Over the last 16 years, Halo has helped 1000’s of expats transfer their money either before or after their relocation.

They offer exceptional exchange rates and an award winning service to guide you with getting the timing right to achieve the best possible exchange rates within your time frame.


The B2B stage for entrepreneurial expats in the Netherlands. 


I Love Moving is a company dedicated to making sure that people have a smooth international relocation when starting over in a new company.

We want to make sure people’s belongings are handled safely with care when moved to their new home. 


Moving abroad or already living, working or studying in a foreign country?

Just Landed can help you settle abroad and meet new people.

We’ve got tons of useful information to help expats moving abroad in up to 10 languages!

Whether you are looking for visa requirements, an apartment or you just want to connect with other expats – you will find it on now!

Find your dream home in Spain. 

350,000 properties for sale and rent from real estate agents in Spain. 


Coaching for world travelers.

Expats : Creating life abroad with joy aboard. 

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