Lets Get Started

This will be a page shown after payment to collect the informatiom shown in your google form. 


In order to give you the best results I will do my research based on exactly what you tell me. For this reason, please think very carefully before answering each question. For example, whenever I ask you if you prefer one thing over another, or if you consider something to be essential, preferable, or unimportant.

Your answers to each question will potentially narrow down your options, so please try to strike a reasonable balance between specifying what you need and want, and being flexible and open to compromise.

Whilst I of course cannot guarantee that I will find the city that you will eventually live in permanently, I will do my best to find cities that match your requirements as closely as possible.

My report will contain detailed information about each city.

At the end of this questionnaire I’ll tell you what you need to do next, and how to make your payment.