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I will make your expat destination decision easier and narrow down your options with a PDF presentation, tailored just to you.

Your presentation will show you profiles for each location (usually that would be a city, but not always – it depends on you), so that you can see how it meets your preferences.

You’ll also find links so that you can look into your options further.

To get started, book a FREE half hour consultation (link is below).

During out chat I’ll ask you about what you’re looking for in your ideal expat destination and answer any questions you may have about the service.

Then if you wish to go ahead I’ll email you our questionnaire. I will ask you about your needs and preferences.

Once I have your completed questionnaire and payment, I’ll get to work ASAP and do the necessary research to find cities that are most suitable for you, create your PDF report, and email it to you.

I’ll send you a follow up email soon after to check that you’ve received it.

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